The right tools make the difference...

D&R works hard to make sure as a company we are always growing and learning. With technology changing how business and projects are managed on a daily basis, D&R has invested time and money into stay up-to-date. Using industry leading software for design and take-off’s D&R has the tools in place to move your flooring design from concept to installation

College IT Office Collaboration

Over the busy summer month’s D&R was contacted by a past Eastern Ohio College client to assist in creating an energetic flooring installation. With the ever growing use of technology on their campus the college wanted to create an Apple style Technology Bar in their existing 1970’s office. Utilizing the Shaw Contract Hexagon carpet tile they wanted to brighten up the space and encourage movement.

While the College had the idea, they needed help in getting the concept on the floor. Working collaboratively the room was measured and created in D&R’s flooring program that then allowed selective placement of tiles and colors. After several renditions the final concept was finalized.

Installation of the creative layout was completed in a day. The layout of the color combination from the main office entry created an inviting flow from the corridor into the space to foster interaction with the faculty and flooring success was achieved!

D&R Flooring Design Services

Unlike most other commercial flooring companies, we offer full service design services to help you create the exact look and feel you need for your space. The example shown here demonstrates how intricate and precise our designs are, down to the last square inch of space.

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