You’ve just made an important investment in your business. Whether the beautiful floor covering you’ve chosen is a plush broadloom carpet in your law office conference room or a stunning and durable ceramic tile for your auto showroom floor, you expect it to be installed correctly. The job must be done right − the first time, every time. We agree. On average, D&R’s full-time installers have been on the job with us for an average tenure of 15+ years. Our installers and floor covering maintenance technicians are trained and certified by the Certified Floor Covering Installers Association (CFI) or by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). We are approved by the State of Ohio as a drug-free workplace.

Meeting the rigorous standards of our industry’s top training and certification programs, coupled with a breadth of on-the-job experience, assures you that your floor covering installation will be of the highest quality, reminding you that you made the right decision choosing D&R Carpet Service, Inc. for your commercial floor covering needs.

Need a lift?

In the past, installing new carpeting in a busy office area meant inconvenience and costly moving or disassembling of furniture, desks and other office equipment. To make your life much easier (and save your business as much as 30% when compared with traditional installation methods), D&R uses the patented Renovisions® Lift system to replace the floor covering in occupied spaces. With this unique handling system, furniture is gently lifted to allow carpet tiles to be installed on the floor beneath. The furniture is then placed back to its original position – quickly and easily. This is done without having to disconnect electrical wires and data cables within furniture panels.